6 Questions With…

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Anderson Ranch Intern, Paige Ward
: Frog Jump, Tennessee
Department: Ceramics

How did you discover Anderson Ranch? What do you love about it?
A friend, professor, and former intern, Aaron Benson, recommended it to me.  I love it. It is a magical place. I love the community and it is so stimulating and motivating. It is contagious and I can’t leave!

What are your specialties?
Artistically? Ceramics -> Sculpture, multiples and installations
In everyday life? Dolly Parton extraordinaire! I love traveling and collecting pottery. Writing post cards and cards.

Why do you make art?
Because it is what I am called to do. I believe we are all created to do something for a greater plan. I am created to make art.

What are three things that inspire you lately?
1)   Talking with other artists
2)   Looking at abandoned houses
3)   Making work

What should the Ranch mascot be?
A bear because they live in the area

Where can we find you online?
I am on Facebook, Instagram (m.p.ward) and Twitter (mpgward)

Example of work (left), Mascot drawing (right)