6 Questions With…

Nicole Pietrantoni
Artist-in-Residence, Spring 2015


Q: How did you find out about Anderson Ranch Arts Center?
A: For the past several years I’d been receiving Anderson Ranch Arts Center catalogues in the mail at Whitman College, where I teach. I was always intrigued by the wide variety of classes and what looked like amazing facilities, however it wasn’t until last year that I started to consider a residency at the Ranch after two of my colleagues came back from being Visiting Artists and had nothing but glowing things to say about the Ranch.

What is your favorite part about it?
A: The respect and understanding of fellow artists. It’s clear that our group of 14 residents is here to focus, work hard, and be in the studio – that intensity is exciting and nourishing. I’m grateful to work with such incredible artists and appreciate the wonderful community we’ve created together.

Q: What are you working on during your residency?
A: During my residency I’ve continued working with installations of artists’ books, including two recently completed works titled Havened and Cloven. Both of these works are a series of accordion books that expand to create panoramic images of landscapes. I’m interested in printmaking’s historic relationship to representation and society’s active role in constructing and idealizing landscape. Both works were digitally designed and include text from my collaborator, Devon Wootten, who came to work with me for a week here at the Ranch. I used the large-format inkjet printers in the Photo/New Media studio, then folded and bound the prints into the accordion books. I’m currently on sabbatical from teaching printmaking and book arts at Whitman College, so it has been amazing for me to have so many hours in my day to dedicate to these large-scale projects.

Q: How would you describe your artistic practice?
A: I’ve been a practicing artist for over 10 years now and I continue to rediscover my relationship to my work with every project I undertake. I’m excited about where my work is going and have learned to trust my intuition in measure with research, reading, and intellect. I allow more time for play, experimentation, and risk-taking. “Failures” and mistakes are a crucial part of my practice and learning. Good things have always come out of pushing myself to take risks and do what makes me feel uncomfortable.

Q: What are three things that inspire you as an artist?
A: Landscape.
Current events – the politics of nature and climate change.
Other artists – whether I’m teaching undergraduates or working alongside professional artists, seeing other people engaging their creativity always inspires me.

Q: How can we find you on social media and the web?
A: www.nicole-pietrantoni.com
Instagram: @nicoledelagarzapietrantoni

image: Nicole and Devon Wooten working in the printmaking studio at Anderson Ranch Arts Center.