Contract Events Planner: Request for Proposal

January, 2023

Introduction & Background

Anderson Ranch Arts Center is seeking proposals for a contract event planner to assist with the planning, management and execution of two major Summer 2023 events. Anderson Ranch is seeking assistance with event concepting, early planning including securing permits and vendors in the immediate future, as well as support in event execution this summer..

The events include: 

  • Recognition Gala Dinner is scheduled for July 13, 2023 with approximately 250 attendees honoring international artists. This is a cocktail party and formal dinner hosted in a tent on the Anderson Ranch campus, brings our most dedicated and philanthropic supporters to campus, and serves as the primary fundraiser for the organization. 
  • Community Picnic & Art Auction is scheduled for July 15, 2023 with approximately 750 attendees over the course of an afternoon. This is an inclusive community event including a picnic lunch, art activities, demonstrations and entertainment, with a silent auction as a fundraiser.

Anderson Ranch is in the process of hiring a new internal Event Director, but in the meantime, is looking for support to continue driving the planning process forward. Once that internal position is filled, the Contract Events Planner will work as a consultant and support day-of event execution.

The objective of this Request for Proposal is to locate an individual who will provide the best overall value to Anderson Ranch Arts Center. While budget is a significant factor, other criteria (outlined below) will also form the basis of our selection.

Project Scope

The scope of the project entails event ideation, planning, coordination and execution. While both of these events have been offered annually for several years, the staff that directly oversaw them are no longer with the Ranch.  The successful candidate will help assure the early foundational arrangements for the event are in place and planning is on schedule. When an Event Director is hired, the responsibilities will be shared with the Contract Events Planner providing guidance and support to the new hire to assure a smooth and successful onboarding and event execution.

Responsibilities include:

  • Development of an event plan including a design and production check-list, timeline and calendar based on professional local knowledge and experience. 
  • Work with the Ranch team to develop and adhere to an expense budget that allows the Ranch to achieve desired fundraising outcomes. 
  • Work with the Town of Snowmass Village and relevant authorities to oversee the permitting process and ensure compliance with insurance, legal, health and safety obligations.
  • Negotiate and secure contracts with key vendors, including tent rentals, catering and decorations for final Ranch approval.
  • Cooperate with the internal Marketing and Philanthropy team to promote and publicize events.
  • Develop a design aesthetic, event flow, and layout in cooperation with Ranch representatives that supports the desired theme and honoree.
  • Organize facilities and manage all events details such as decor, catering, entertainment, transportation, special guests, equipment, etc.
  • Create a detailed run-of-show for each event that supports and serves the desired quality experience and fundraising outcomes.
  • Oversee and monitor vendor and staff setup and provide assistance where needed; facilitate a rehearsal; enforce all contracts so that they are fulfilled and executed as agreed upon. Proactively handle any arising issues and troubleshoot any emerging problems on the event day.
  • Provide ‘day of’ leadership to assure the events run smoothly and as closely to the scheduled timeline as possible.
  • Oversee breakdown and transition between the gala and community picnic and assure that campus is returned to working order for the workshop programs the following week, 
  • Conduct pre- and post – event evaluations and report on outcomes
  • Attend design related meetings as well as on-site visits and an event rehearsal.

Submission Guidelines & Requirements

The following submission guidelines and requirements apply to this Request for Proposal:

  1. Only qualified locally based individuals or firms with prior experience with large scale events such as these should submit a proposal.
  2. Full proposals should be submitted prior to February 6th. Interviews will be required.  Selections will be made by February 15, 2023
  3. Proposals should include name and resume of persons who will perform the work, at least three events similar to these, three references and their contact information, images of work, and/or examples of previous event planning and execution documents.
  4. A price proposal must be provided. This price proposal should indicate an overall fixed price for the project, as well as estimated total hours and an hourly rate should Anderson Ranch Arts Center decide to award a contract on an hourly rate basis.
  5. Proposals must be signed by a representative that is authorized to commit to the bidder’s company. Proposals must remain valid for 30 days.

Evaluation Factors

Anderson Ranch Arts Center will rate proposals based on the following criteria

  1. Relevant past performance/experience
  2. Samples of work; photo examples and references
  3. Knowledge of the local community and vendors. 
  4. Cost, including an assessment of total cost of ownership.
  5. Willingness to take ownership of the Event Management position while 

Anderson Ranch completes the hiring process for the full time Events Director position. Once the position has been filled, the ability to work with and guide the new staff member ensures a smooth transition without any lapse in event planning and execution.     

Anderson Ranch Art Center reserves the right to select the bidder that presents the best value as determined solely by Anderson Ranch Arts Center in its absolute discretion.

Proposal Contact

Stephanie Richardson

Manager, President’s Office


Full proposals should be submitted via email prior to February 6th. 

Background Information

Who We Are:

Anderson Ranch Arts Center is a year-round visual-arts not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization with a 55-year history of providing transformative experiences that celebrate artists, art-making and creative dialog, at the intersection of craft and the global contemporary art world. Anderson Ranch brings together both aspiring and internationally renowned artists who come from across the country and around the world to test new ideas, explore new disciplines and techniques, hone their art-making skills, engage in meaningful dialog and connect with thought leaders in the artistic community.

Anderson Ranch’s campus is an artistic community nestled among the pristine peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The Ranch campus consists of 14 buildings providing 55,000 square feet of facilities including eight studio buildings, a gallery, a lecture hall, café, store, administrative offices, a student dormitory, as well as apartments and cabins for artistic staff and artists. State-of-the-art equipment allows cross-disciplinary experimentation within the mediums of ceramics, woodworking, photography, digital fabrication, painting, sculpture and printmaking. The campus is an oasis of renovated 19th-century cabins and barns that sit alongside contemporary designed buildings, all within the renowned cultural and recreation communities of Aspen/Snowmass, CO, and the Roaring Fork Valley.

Anderson Ranch cultivates a culture of experimentation and collaboration, offering world-class art-making facilities and equipment across diverse mediums, experienced visiting faculty and access to the highest quality staff. 


Anderson Ranch’s mission is to enrich lives with art, inspiration and community.

We achieve this by offering:

  • Workshops: Providing intensive 1-3-week workshops for artists of all levels and all ages that both improve technical art-making skills and provide transformative experiences for art makers.
  • Advanced Mentoring Programs: Offering three-year mentoring programs that advance artistic practice and careers in the arts.
  • Artist Residencies: Providing 5 and 10-week long juried Artists-in-Residence programs, which give emerging and mid-career professional artists the time, space and resources to develop new work using our world-class facilities.
  • Visiting Artist Experiences: Providing flexible and unique curated experiences to support established national and international artists seeking a retreat to experiment in new mediums or with new techniques and ideas, supported by our staff.
  • Anderson Ranch Editions: An artist’s workshop and print publisher program for hand-printed limited-edition lithographs, screen-prints and etchings by established artists.
  • Community Engagement: Hosting lectures, discussions, seminars and special events which build a community that appreciates, understands and supports art-making within the global contemporary art world and the human experience for both Anderson Ranch guests and the local community.

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