President’s Office Administrative Manager

Our Dream

Anderson Ranch seeks a confident, effective and efficient colleague that takes ownership of the day-to-day operations of the President’s Office in a complex, fast-moving fifty-five year old organization full of artists, movers, thinkers and doers. With a backstage pass to leadership processes, this person is involved in the deliberation, planning, strategizing, inspiring, and learning, that makes the organization succeed. This key organizational role drives the efficient and effective execution and business of the President’s office as both the welcome voice and the gatekeeper. This person is smooth and competent, creating stability, and anticipates obstacles, correcting mistakes before they happen. This supporting role should make others’ jobs look easy. It requires a focused attention to detail and a can-do attitude. The role allows for independence, flexibility, and pride in its contribution to the whole organization’s success.

Who We Are

 Anderson Ranch Arts Center (the Ranch) is a year-round visual-arts organization with a 50+ year history of providing transformative experiences that celebrate artists, art-making and creative dialog, at the intersection of craft and the global contemporary art world. Anderson Ranch brings together both aspiring and internationally renowned artists who come from across the country and around the world to test new ideas, explore new disciplines and techniques, hone their art-making skills, engage in meaningful dialog, and connect with thought leaders and world-renowned collectors, critics, and influencers.

Anderson Ranch Arts Center’s campus is an artistic community nestled among the pristine peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The Ranch campus consists of 14 buildings providing 55,000 square feet of facilities including eight studio buildings, a gallery, a lecture hall, café, store, administrative offices, a student dormitory, as well as apartments and cabins for artistic staff and artists. State-of-the-art equipment allows cross-disciplinary experimentation within the mediums of ceramics, woodworking, photography, digital fabrication, painting, sculpture, and printmaking. The campus is an oasis of renovated 19th-century cabins and barns that sit alongside contemporary designed buildings, all within the renowned cultural and recreation communities of Aspen/Snowmass, CO and the Roaring Fork Valley.

We cultivate a culture of experimentation and collaboration, offering world-class art making facilities and equipment across diverse mediums, experienced visiting faculty and access to the highest quality artistic staff.

Our Mission: Anderson Ranch Arts Center enriches lives with art, inspiration, and community

We achieve this by offering:

  • Workshops: Providing intensive 1-3-week workshops for artists of all levels and all ages that both improve technical art-making skills and provide transformative experiences for art makers.
  • Advanced Mentoring Programs: Offering advanced three-year advanced mentoring programs that advance artistic practice and careers in the arts.
  • Artist Residencies: Providing 5 and 10-week long juried Artists-in-Residence programs which give emerging and mid-career professional artists the time, space and resources to develop new work using our world-class facilities.
  • Visiting Artist Experiences: Providing flexible and unique curated experiences to support established international artists seeking a retreat to experiment in new mediums or with new techniques and ideas, supported by our staff.
  • Anderson Ranch Editions: an artist’s workshop and print publisher program for hand-printed limited-edition lithographs, screen-prints, and etchings by established artists.
  • Community Engagement: Hosting lectures, discussions, seminars, and special events that build a community that appreciates, understands, and supports art making within the global contemporary art world and the human experience for both our Ranch guests and the local community.

Our Work Culture

  • Changing Lives and Changing the World Through Art: We care about people and helping them improve their lives. Helping people learn and grow, personally and professionally, in a challenging and supportive environment. We meet people where they are and help them step in the right.
  • Culture of Diversity & Inclusion: We learn from diversity and it makes us stronger. At the center of our mission is helping people find their whole selves in their artistic practice and. We strive to live the same values in our professional lives. That includes actively embracing diversity of age, race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental ability, as well as background and experience. We approach our work thoughtfully, make mistakes, learn from each other, and share a commitment to inclusivity.
  • Rigor & Excellence: We provide the best possible experience for our community of guests, including faculty, students, residents, Visiting Artists, volunteers, supporters and staff. We demand the best from ourselves and each other. We believe in a “Culture of Critique” where we offer and receive honest feedback and support each other in learning and improving.
  • Culture of Critique: We believe in offering honest feedback to each other and helping each other explore our efforts and improve our outcomes. We believe in being open to hear and learn from each other’s feedback.
  • Culture of Results, Connectivity and Flexibility. We believe overachieving is better than overworking. We prioritize the Ranch and get the job done 110% by being available when needed, by being open, working collaboratively, welcoming feedback and getting work done efficiently, effectively and on time. Once this is achieved, we enjoy the flexibility of where and when we work; we can pursue our passions, be it art-making, family, hobbies, special interests or obsessions.

Position Summary

The role of the President’s Office Administrative Manager is to support and advance the mission of the organization by managing the day-to-day activities and administrative responsibilities of the President effectively and efficiently. Areas of responsibility include management of the President’s Office communications, calendar, workflow, administration, external relationship portfolio, as well as the administration of Board of Trustees meetings and requirements.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Communications Management: This role serves as the frontline representative of the President’s Office and is often the first line of contact for Trustees, staff, donors, students and artists. This person manages incoming communications by email, phone or in person; receiving and routing inquiries from diverse constituents. Through independently providing information, communicating policies and priorities, resolving issues, or recommending solutions, this role reduces the interruptions and distractions that reduce productivity. As needed, they channel requests to appropriate colleagues while also ensuring the President is aware of issues or concerns that require attention. As needed, the Manager also follows up to determine the inquirer’s satisfaction and confirms issues are professionally resolved.

  • Calendar Management: With an overall goal of facilitating the efficient utilization of the President’s time, this role exercises initiative and independent judgment in managing the President’s complex schedule and daily office activities, including meetings, social engagements, donor events and Ranch functions. Includes scheduling standing and ad hoc meetings and calls, assuring timely access for those who require direction or approval, assuring meetings have defined topics or agendas and reminding all attendees of preparation or follow-up requirements. This may require attending meetings with, or on behalf of the President, and taking notes or minutes. Finally, this person ensures the President transitions from one obligation or meeting to the next, respecting everyone’s time.

  • Workflow Management: This role ensures organized and efficient workflow to and from the President, helping to accomplish the President’s daily tasks. This person will assure preparation for future calls, meetings and events, working with the President to create agendas, talking points, collecting outcome goals from colleagues, and briefing the President on who is in the room and what is expected on event attendee lists. This requires researching attendees, drafting or polishing memos and reports, as well as blocking time for private creative brainstorming. Workflow management should assure completion of immediate duties and create space to achieve mid-term objectives and long-term goals.

  • Administration Management: The Manager is responsible for organizing, facilitating and/or relieving the President of regular administrative functions. This includes preparing payment requests, previewing reports and documents for recommended signature, requesting and presenting reports from various departments, planning and booking travel, meals, and entertainment. It requires drafting, reviewing, proofreading and sending solicitations and proposals, thank you notes, gifts and other correspondence.

  • Relationship Management: This role supports the President’s relationships with a portfolio of Trustees, key donors, and partners assigned in collaboration with the Director of Individual Philanthropy. Support in this area includes researching and preparing biographical information, tracking and recording contacts, interactions, follow-up and next steps in the cultivation of supporters and potential partnerships. It also requires organizing small dinners and events using independent judgement in event alternatives, modification and last-minute changes regarding invitations, RSVP follow-up, seating arrangements, welcome gifts and packages and event execution.

  • Board Meeting Management: This role supports the organization, management and execution of Trustee committee, task force, and ad hoc meetings on behalf of the President’s office. This includes scheduling as well as coordinating agendas, meeting materials, member talking points, minutes and follow-up action items. Functioning as the Corporate Secretary, the Manager maintains and promotes the adherence to governing materials such as bylaws, articles of incorporation and Board policy and procedure standards. In coordination with the President and Vice-Presidents, this helps drive the strategic objectives of the Board of Trustees.

Position Success Expectations:

The following expectations will underly the successful Manager of the President’s Office:

  • Creates Stability: The President is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the organization’s function and success and is thus pulled in a multitude of directions while simultaneously trying to minimize risk and drive growth and change. This role supports the organization by helping to create stability, own the processes of the office, and hold everyone accountable.
  • Make Others Look Good: The Manager is often in the position to foresee a problem or mistake when, or even before, it happens and help change a mistake into a success. That often means seeing a dropped ball, grabbing it to either hand back or pass up the field. Being “The Fixer” helps the team be its best.
  • Catch Written Mistakes: The role requires a strong and precise command of grammar, punctuation, spelling and the correct usage of the English language. This is required both in their own work, but also in acting as the President’s editor, sounding board and, finally, proofreader to assure what comes out of the President’s office is professional.
  • Maintain Trust & Confidentiality: Exercise careful discretion in sharing information or the details of official decisions or informal deliberations. The close role with the President requires access to records, files, meetings and conversations both in official proceedings and personal conversations. Safeguarding a culture of discretion, trust and privacy is critical to the success of the office.
  • Professional & Personal: In a partnership that aims to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, the personal and business responsibilities of the President will inevitably be interwoven throughout the day-to-day business. The Manager will both need to help maintain appropriate boundaries and allow some elasticity when personal and professional needs conflict.

Staff Community Responsibilities:

  • Community Outreach Leader: All staff members are expected to build and lead partnerships with community organizations as they relate to their area of responsibility, and to actively support the outreach efforts of other team members.

  • Engaged & Supportive Team Member: All staff are expected to support colleagues and engaged in the programs and events of the Ranch by attending lectures, artist talks, fundraising events, and community wide events and being available to jump in and help make them a success.

  • Professional & Personal Development: Continuing to learn and improve is a job requirement of all staff. Team members are expected to be growing, learning, and improving in their artistic and professional lives.

  • Brand Ambassador: All team members are expected to comport themselves in a manner that is fitting with the organization; represent the Ranch both on and off-campus, as well as online and on social

    media, keeping in mind that positivity and professionalism are respected and appreciated.

Other Duties:

  • The descriptions above are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed in this role. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of the role.

  • All personnel are required to perform duties outside of their normal responsibilities from time to time, as needed.

  • This role requires a flexible schedule including evening and weekend hours as need, and particularly intense time demands in the summer months.

  • This job description may be changed or updated at any time throughout employment.

Training Resources:

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Reports to: President and CEO
  • Terms: Salaried Professional: Flexible year-round position
  • Salary Range: $55,000 – $65,000
  • Location: Snowmass Village, Colorado / Seasonal Remote Option
  • Company paid medical insurance, option to add additional family
  • HSA contribution
  • Long and short-term disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off – Up to 22 days during first year of service
  • Sick Leave – Up to 12 days during first year of service
  • Professional/continuing education support
  • Retirement plan/discretionary 401K match

NOTE: The above is an abbreviated representation of benefits defined in the Employee Handbook, which governs all employment terms. No other verbal or written exceptions to those terms are honored without a written directive by the President and Chief Executive Officer and signed by the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

How to Apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to