Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Schermer Meeting Hall

Date: Oct 17

Time(s): Starts at 5:30 PM

Join Anderson Ranch for an insightful and engaging presentation of artwork from Anderson Ranch Arts Center’s fall Artists-in-Residence. Each resident will share five slides of his/her artwork in three-minute segments. Residents work in the following disciplines: ceramics, photography & new media, furniture design & woodworking, painting & drawing, printmaking and sculpture.  The public is invited to meet the residents, mingle and ask questions after the presentation. Continue the conversation over dinner ($20, RVSP required) in the Ranch Cafe.

To RSVP for dinner, please call the front desk by Monday, October 16 at (970) 923-3181.

2017 Fall Artist-in-Residence

Alina Perez Paint www.alinapz.com
Daisy Patton Paint http://daisypatton.com
Cody Hoyt clay www.codyhoyt.com
Peter Barbor clay www.peterbarbor.com
Nori Pao clay https://www.instagram.com/nori_pao/
Rae’ut Stern clay www.dodadesign.com
Anthony Akinbola sculpture http://cargocollective.com/BunmiAkinbola
Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels sculpture www.svbf.info
Marie-Lou Desmeules photo/new media www.marieloudesmeules.com
Annette Isham photo/new media annettewashburneisham.com
Ryan Arthurs print www.ryanarthurs.com
Adam Linn print http://cargocollective.com/adamlinn
Kevin Costante wood www.drumboxdrums.com
Zachary Keane wood https://619thelineman.wixsite.com/woodworking/2017