CRITICAL DIALOGUE: Ritual, Making and Spirituality in Art with Tom Sachs & Tom Healy

Schermer Meeting Hall

Date: Jun 22

Time(s): 7 – 9PM

This event is currently at capacity for registration.

Participate in a dynamic, interactive, two-hour discussion that engages critical thought through the exploration of ritual, ceremony, and the impulse to make art and produce physical objects. This accessible Critical Dialogue conversation aims to explore the varying approaches that artists take to a “studio practice” and ways in which community involvement, repetitive actions, and communal formalities can play a part in the experience of contemporary art. Participants are encouraged to join in and get their hands dirty as well, opening their minds to allow physical making to become a vehicle for intellectual thought. This conversation is open to art makers, critical thinkers, critical writers and patrons of the arts. 

Faculty Bio:  

Tom Sachs is a sculptor and art provocateur, best known for his elaborate recreations of various modern icons, such as the NASA Apollo 11 lunar landing module and Le Corbusier’s 1952 Unite de Habitation. He works and lives in New York City where he has an active art making studio. Tom has exhibited worldwide.

Tom Healy is a poet and Advisor on Global Initiatives to the Brooklyn Museum of Art. He has collaborated with Tom Sachs and written extensively about his work. Tom curated Sachs’ first major gallery exhibition in 1994 and is a collector of his artwork.