Past Summer Series Participants

The History of Summer Series: Featured Artists & Conversations

Artist presentations, conversations and critical dialog programs have always had an important place at Anderson Ranch. In the early days of the Ranch, simple presentations by faculty and Visiting Artists took place in casual settings on the Ranch’s five-acre property. Later, a tent was erected and presentations became more formalized, with two clay symposia in the early 1980s including California Clay in the Rockies, featuring Ken Price, Don Reitz, Paul Soldner, Peter Voulkos and others. During his tenure at the Ranch, Executive Director Jim Baker organized “The Political Landscape”, an exploration of government issues focused on public lands in the West, and later Kathleen Loe established a critical studies program in the 1990s, discussing “The Politics of Art” and more. With the dedication of Schermer Meeting Hall in 2000, the Summer Series and Critical Dialog programs evolved into the thought-provoking programs, presentations and conversations with the leaders and superstars of contemporary art we enjoy today.