Advanced CNC Techniques – W1218-19

Date: Aug 19 - 23, 2019

Skill Level(s): II to III i

Instructor(s): Peter Basil

Tuition: $975
Studio Fee: $150
Registration Fee: $45

CAD drawing experience required.


Expand your knowledge of CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) router machining in wood. Students take a deeper dive into CNC woodworking for the small shop, exploring programming, machining and fixturing at a more advanced level, which broadens capabilities. Students also examine ways to expand their skill set and improve final results and speed.

Media & Techniques:

Instruction focuses on MasterCam programming for the CNC router; some Rhino CAD help will be available as well. Students should bring ideas for test parts, as well as three-dimensional models of parts they would like to improve.


Fundamentals of CNC router programming are reviewed. Students use CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) to cut components on the CNC router. Demonstrations and hands-on instruction occur throughout the workshop.


A graduate of the School for American Crafts, Peter Basil has spent several years immersed in the world of product development and digital manufacturing, working with three five-axis industrial CNC routers in a production environment. He is currently Product Design Engineer at Thos. Moser.


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