Adventures in 3-D Printing – K0305-18

Date: Jun 18 - 22, 2018

Skill Level(s): Ages 9-12 | 9am-3pm i

Instructor(s): Elazar Abraham

Tuition: $495
Studio Fee: $20
Registration Fee: $25


Take your art to the third dimension when you explore 3-D printing and get a glimpse into the future of artistic endeavors in this fascinating workshop! Students use two different kinds of modeling programs – 3-D scanners and printers – to delve into the possibilities of 3-D printing technology as a tool for other work and as an art making process on its own. We start with simple hand building to bridge the gap from the physical to the digital world. Then we scan objects into the computers and print them out. We dive into software programs such as Tinkercad and Sculptris, making a variety of projects from furniture to animals to architecture to abstract sculpture. The open nature of the medium affords each student ample opportunity to explore his or her own ideas and directions. At the end of the course, we celebrate with a group show of our work.


Elazar Abraham is a freelancer and digital creative professional based in New York. Before coming to Anderson Ranch, he combined his background in new media, biology and visual arts with leading bike trips for teens around the country, and teaching digital arts to children across the Westchester, N.Y., area. Elazar’s work has been shown in festivals and fabricated internationally.

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