Adventures in 3-D Printing – K0306-19

Date: Jun 17 - 21, 2019

Skill Level(s): ages 9 - 12 i

Instructor(s): Elazar Abraham

Tuition: $495
Studio Fee: $20
Registration Fee: $25


Nurture a love of creative exploration in this fast-paced workshop! Delving into three-dimensional printing technologies as a tool and art-making process, students will playfully examine the physical/ digital divide. 3-D scans of hand built clay objects become a common form as various computer-modeling programs and techniques are introduced. Furniture design, architecture and character modeling are among the topics presented through Tinkercad and Sculptris. The open nature of the medium combined with a focus on real-world application gives each student lots of opportunities to explore their own ideas. At the end of the course, we celebrate with a group show.


Elazar Abraham is a digital creative professional and musician working in Stockton, CA. After graduating with a BA in New Media and minors in Biology and Visual Arts from SUNY Purchase, he went on to lead interstate bike trips for teens and teach digital art classes in New York before interning at Anderson Ranch. He then joined a founding team at a non-profit artist hub and education center called HATCH Workshop. He now works and teaches with HATCH in Stockton, CA.

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