Adventures in Game Design – K0813-17

Date: Jul 24 - 28, 2017

Skill Level(s): Ages 9-13 / 9AM – 3PM i

Instructor(s): Elazar Abraham

Tuition: $495
Studio Fee: $20
Registration Fee: $25


Unlock the secrets of video game design and create your own games and animations! Using the Scratch software platform, we explore the basics of game design, from character and level design to simple movement and enemy mechanics and health. Scratch is a block-based programming language, which allows even those who have never coded before to start wrapping their minds around the concepts and tools available. Students make mazes, platformers, quiz games, pong, fighting games and more. Each project blends technical skills with creative challenges, allowing students to make games that appeal to their personal interests and enjoyment. You leave the workshop with a personal login that allows you to continue working on and playing your games at home!


Elazar Abraham is a freelancer and digital creative professional from New York. After graduating with a degree in New Media and minors in Biology and Visual Arts at SUNY Purchase, he went on to lead bike trips for teens around the country and teach digital arts to children across the Westchester, N.Y., area before coming to Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Elazar’s work has been shown in festivals and fabricated internationally.

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