Alternative Materials: cardboard construction – W0507-18

Date: Jul 02 - 06, 2018

Skill Level(s): open to all i

Instructor(s): Jason Schneider

Tuition: $975
Studio Fee: $100
Registration Fee: $45


Take a fresh look at an everyday material, and then apply your new perspective to three-dimensional design. Corrugated cardboard has inherent character and beauty. A useful versatility and undulating patterns beckon investigation of the infinite ways this undervalued material can be used. In this workshop we explore the potential of new and recycled cardboard as a material for creating two- and three-dimensional, functional and nonfunctional objects.

Media & Techniques:

We work with cardboard, wood, plaster, cement, paint, fire, water, weight, glue, screws, twist ties, pins and other materials. We explore turning, cutting, laminating and shaping cardboard.


We enjoy lectures, technical demonstrations, slide presentations, plenty of hands-on time and lots of fun.


Jason Schneider is an artist and furniture maker from New Jersey. He received his M.F.A. in furniture design from San Diego State University. For 10 years Jason was the Studio Coordinator of the Furniture Design and Woodworking program at Anderson Ranch. Jason currently teaches furniture design and woodworking at Northern Michigan University.

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