Bauhaus to Your House – W0202-19

Date: Jun 10 - 14, 2019

Skill Level(s): II to III i

Instructor(s): Brad Reed Nelson

Tuition: $975
Studio Fee: $100
Registration Fee: $45


Immerse yourself in the history of 100 years of the Bauhaus movement. The basic philosophy of the Bauhaus was “form follows function.” Students reimagine the material world by discussing the distinction between fine and applied arts then reunite creativity and manufacturing for good design in everyday lives. The goal is to reinvent furniture pieces originally inspired from the Bauhaus movement and apply those ideas to create an original table or stool.


Students bring images of iconic furniture produced during the Bauhaus movement. Classmates respond to them by building an original piece of furniture through inspiration. Working with kiln-dried lumber, traditional and unconventional methods of joinery, shaping and fabrication are discussed.


Daily demonstrations emphasize the safe use of machinery and hand tools. Plenty of hands-on activity and one-on-one help from faculty ensure that all participants create a personalized piece of furniture.


Brad Reed Nelson received his MFA in sculpture from Arizona State University. He founded Board By Design, a functional design company in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley. Brad was included in the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, and his work has been featured in many publications, such as Woodworker’s Journal, American Craft, The Penland Book of Woodworking, Boston Globe, Aspen Peak Magazine, Aspen Magazine, Aspen Sojourner, Dwell, Los Angeles Times and Elle Decor.

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