Beginning Oil Painting – D1120-19

Date: Aug 12 - 16, 2019

Skill Level(s): I to II i

Instructor(s): Maja Ruznic

Tuition: $1,090
Studio Fee: $75
Registration Fee: $45


Explore the luminosity of oil paint! Learn the foundational skills and exciting techniques of oil painting by working directly from observation and photographs. Develop fundamental skills to understand the qualities of color. Making a painting a day, students move past the preciousness of painting by developing an invigorating painting process. Learn about composition, value and color temperature. Develop skills to create a sense of volume and space by experimenting with still-life paintings as well as working from a model. Spend some time outside to study perspective and balance.

Media & Techniques:

Working from observation, students learn to mix and match colors, paint quickly with wet-on-wet techniques as well as more slowly with techniques such as glazing and scumbling. Learn to paint impasto with a palette knife. The basics of painting the human body are discovered by working from a model.


Each day, students work on small projects and experiments, followed by daily demonstrations. The subtleties of oil painting through observation, experimentation and group discussions are explored. Students also work on different surfaces: canvas; paper; and board.


Maja Ruznic received her MFA from California College of Arts. She shows nationally and internationally and was written about in New American Paintings by Anne Ellegood, senior curator at the Hammer Museum, Venison Magazine, The Los Angeles Times and Agenda Magazine. Maja attended the Alfred and Trafford Klots residency in France.

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