Body Language: figurative ceramic sculpture – C0305-17

Date: Jun 19 - 30, 2017

Skill Level(s): Open to All i

Instructor(s): James Tisdale

Tuition: $1,175
Studio Fee: $175
Registration Fee: $45


Take an in-depth look at the foundation of ceramic sculpture in this contemplative two-week workshop that challenges students to take their ceramic storytelling to a new level. We use the figure—whether it be personal, political, social or religious—as the focal point of telling a story. The instructor works with students to help them develop iconography, symbols and forms that are personal and meaningful. We look at the figure as it has been used to chronicle the human condition as a way to speak about distinct cultures.

Media & Techniques:

We use all available ceramic techniques in order to be successful in the construction of our work. We complement this hands-on exploration with discussions and demonstrations about these techniques. Instruction is customized to each student’s experience and course objectives.


Students drive the daily focus of the class with suggestions on what they would like the instructor to demonstrate. Once students feel comfortable, they continue their work.


James Tisdale is a figurative artist who has studied abroad and is a recipient of an NEA grant. He has been a resident and visiting artist nationally at Archie Bray and The Philadelphia Clay Studio, and internationally in China and the ICHSU in Hungary. James’ work has been exhibited internationally and published in various books and periodicals.

James Tisdale, Untitled (detail)

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