Chiaroscuro: luminosity of the flesh & form – D1327-18

Date: Aug 27 - 31, 2018

Skill Level(s): II i

Instructor(s): Christian Rex van Minnen

Tuition: $1,090
Studio Fee: $75
Registration Fee: $45


Discover oil paint’s ability to harness light, shade and luminous color through the techniques of the Masters. In this compelling workshop, we experiment with various styles and schools of painting to discover how to mix color with light, creating deep sumptuous darkness, and bright, robust color and form. Using the latest in technology and chemistry in oil paint and medium, students practice a division of labor, learning to develop light, form and color through layering techniques, including toned oil grounds, under-painting, grisaille, dead coloring and glazing. We also experiment with creating form through a reductive, monotype printmaking exercise.

Media & Techniques:

Students use contemporary versions of historical painting mediums and techniques to create their own visions, whether figurative or abstract, or anywhere in between. We explore utilization of stenciling and variations on the oil ground. All students are provided a pre-oil primed 18 x 24 panel for their first painting. In addition, we explore a monochromatic, monotype printmaking exercise.


Through demonstrations and discussions, students are guided to develop several canvases or panels that bring their own visions to light using new interpretations of age-old techniques. We spend at least one afternoon working from a live model.


Christian Rex van Minnen is an artist based in Brooklyn, N.Y. His paintings are exhibited worldwide and are included in the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum. He is represented by Robischon Gallery, Denver, and Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen.

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