Clay Sculpture: large-scale systems – C0409-19

Date: Jun 24 - Jul 05, 2019

Skill Level(s): I to II i

Instructor(s): Matt Wedel

Tuition: $1,195
Studio Fee: $175
Registration Fee: $45


Students get a hands-on working environment to pursue their creative practice using clay as a sculptural material. Traditional coil techniques are discussed and utilized during the workshop. These methods provide fundamental knowledge of clay that can apply to a variety of scales and methodologies. Demonstrations and discussions occur that explore ceramics as a medium in contemporary art practice and the challenges both technical and conceptual that can interrupt this way of working.


Technical demonstrations focus on hand building and coil building techniques that pertain to large-scale applications in clay. Medium-high fire paper clay is used during the workshop. Students discuss glazing and firing strategies and practice techniques that can be used later for large-scale work, while making work that fits kilns at Anderson Ranch. Students focus on ideas, rather than on finished or fired work.


There is hands-on work time. Ongoing discussions take place with the intention of pushing each artist’s work to a new level. Demonstrations and slide talks address the conceptual, technical and engineering challenges presented by each other’s work.


Matt Wedel is a ceramic sculptor working in Athens, OH. He earned his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago followed by an MFA from California State University, Long Beach. He is represented by L.A. Louver gallery.

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