Copperplate Photogravure – R0707-19

Date: Jul 15 - 19, 2019

Skill Level(s): II to IV i

Instructor(s): Lothar Osterburg

Tuition: $985
Studio Fee: $150
Registration Fee: $45

Basic Photoshop skills required.


Photogravure is a continuous tone photographic intaglio (etching) process. A photographic image is etched at various depths into an aquatinted copper plate. This workshop offers a hands-on history lesson in this beautiful, fully archival process. Invented by Fox Talbot in the mid-19th century and used by art photographers until the mid-1930s, it has had a renaissance among photographers, artists and collectors for the past 30 years. The workshop allows ambitious students to make several good photogravure plates, providing a solid foundation for this complex process.

Media & Techniques:

The workshop covers all steps to make a copperplate photogravure using contemporary materials and methods with focus on continuous tone digital files and positives. Comprehensive demos and handouts set students up to make their own plates with close supervision. *Some plates provided.


Days are filled with demonstrations, presentations, studio practice, one-on-one instruction and group discussions. The first two days are spent with the entire class working through the complex process. Each student spends the remaining workshop time on repeating the process, troubleshooting and the production of plates with increasing independence.


Lothar Osterburg operates his own photogravure workshop in New York, where he has collaborated with artists such as David Lynch, Lee Friedlander and Adam Fuss. His work has been shown nationally and internationally. Lothar is a 2010 Guggenheim Fellow and has received two New York Foundation for the Arts awards.

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