Craftufacturing: designing for production – W0712-17

Date: Jul 17 - 21, 2017

Skill Level(s): II i

Instructor(s): George Dubinsky & David Short

Tuition: $825
Studio Fee: $100
Registration Fee: $45


Explore the manufacturing techniques developed and used by the home goods design and manufacturing company, Edgewood Made, in a unique production-focused workshop. Edgewood Made founders George Dubinsky and David Short introduce different manufacturing methods that are available in the making of small production runs that aim to remove barriers in the making process and create a path of least resistance, from design to final product. We create test products focused on specific techniques, culminating in newly-learned processes to make a small run of a product designed during the class.

Media & Techniques:

We use computer design in conjunction with traditional pattern making and provided outsourced parts and materials to create products that can be easily produced in multiples, while still maintaining the integrity of a finely crafted design.


We incorporate instructional demos on production methods such as cold connections in metal, router jigs and specialized tooling. Discussions cover designing products from the making process that are inherently designed for being produced in multiples, and on the marketing and selling of well crafted items.


George Dubinsky and David Short are the founders of Edgewood Made, which produces home goods made from wood, porcelain and metal that are primarily produced for the wholesale market.

G. Dubinsky + D. Short, Untitled (detail)

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