Cross-Disciplinary Studio Concentration: wood, sculpture and fablab – WEEK ONE – JANSTU2019S01

Date: Jan 07 - 11, 2019

Skill Level(s): Open To All i

Instructor(s): Mark Tan & Michael Lorsung

Tuition: $625
Studio Fee: $95
Registration Fee: $20


Customize your experience in three different studios here at Anderson Ranch.  During this three-week period you have the unique opportunity to utilize and explore the possibilities of working in the wood and furniture studio, the sculpture studio, as well as the digital fabrication lab.  Your experience during this time can be driven by a project or a desire to explore a new set of techniques and technologies.

Media & Techniques:

Explore all techniques included in the Digital Fabrication Lab, The Woodworking & Furniture studio, and the Sculpture studio.


Demonstrations and instruction are tailored to the individual needs and interests of you, the student.  Staff are available to answer questions, offer guidance, and discuss ideas as needed. Students engage in cross-disciplinary activities in the three studios as their work and interests dictate.


Mark Tan was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Mark graduated from Sheridan College’s Crafts & Design program in 2010 with a B.F.A. in furniture design.  Mark is the coordinator of Woodworking at Anderson Ranch.


Michael received his M.F.A in Ceramics and Sculpture from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.  He has taught classes at Louisiana State University and Ohio University as well as abroad at the International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary. He has exhibited widely in the United States. Michael is the coordinator of Sculpture at Anderson Ranch.

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