Diamonds on Clay – C0611-19

Date: Jul 08 - 19, 2019

Skill Level(s): II to III i

Instructor(s): Michael Sherrill

Tuition: $1,395
Studio Fee: $175
Registration Fee: $45


Michael’s unique approach to vessel and sculpture-making is ideal for students looking for a seductive surface on clay. Michael’s work is about the transition of color and form to create a true object. He works with layers of colored porcelain and slips, producing a depth and “color bloom” that inform his sculptures. Students explore new landscapes of possibilities for form and surface.


Students work with several clay bodies, explore firing techniques and methods of merging clay with other materials, such as metal or glass, for sculptural applications. Demonstrations of post-firing surface techniques using diamond abrasives to polish the surface occur.


Demonstrations allow students to watch and work alongside the faculty using the techniques and processes discussed in the workshop. The faculty challenges assumptions about clay and encourages experimentation with new ideas.


Michael Sherrill is a self-taught artist who uses clay, metal and glass. His work explores the intersection between human and material and where they meet in the handmade object. Since his humble beginnings throwing traditional folk pottery, to his abstract ethereal botanicals, Michael challenges you to question what you see.

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