Digital Foundry: exploring historical & contemporary methods – S0406-17

Date: Jun 26 - Jul 07, 2017

Skill Level(s): II i

Instructor(s): Norwood Viviano

Tuition: $1,175
Studio Fee: $200
Registration Fee: $45


Expand your artistic horizons at the intersection of old and new in this fascinating two-week workshop. We examine 3-D printing, 3-D scanning, multi-part sand molding and bronze and aluminum casting. Students take part in traditional and experimental pattern generation in the form of wax, found objects and 3-D printing technology. We explore and discuss the potential of sand molding and metal casting as it relates to that industry and new technology while pursuing our individual studio practice. This workshop is structured to provide an environment for students with little previous experience in 3-D printing or exposure to metal casting.

Media & Techniques:

We generate foundry patterns using Rhinoceros software, 3-D printing and 3-D scanning. Students work with a variety of wax working approaches, multi-part sand molding, and bronze and aluminum casting. Additionally, several metal working processes are introduced, including rough finishing, fine finishing and surface treatment.


Daily demonstrations or presentations combined with individual and group discussions further the development of concepts and facilitate a better understanding of pattern generation and the metal casting process. Students spend time designing, 3-D printing, 3-D scanning, and developing patterns for sand casting and metal finishing, culminating in a final group discussion


Norwood Viviano heads the sculpture program at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, where he teaches courses in foundry and 3-D printing. He received his M.F.A .in Sculpture from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Recent exhibitions include the Chrysler Museum of Art, Grand Rapids Art Museum and Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery.

Norwood Viviano, Making Way

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