Fly High in the Sky – K0203-19

Date: Jun 10 - 14, 2019

Skill Level(s): ages 9 - 12 i

Instructor(s): Heather Morrow

Tuition: $425
Studio Fee: $20
Registration Fee: $25

Time: 9AM – 3PM

Various locations (Anderson Ranch Arts Center and ACES at Hallam Lake)


In collaboration with the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES), this workshop explores the synergy between nature, art and kite building! During this unique week, students first begin by learning about the science of flight, different bird habitats, ecology, migration and feather patterns. Students study regional birds of prey and other local bird species as they simultaneously create artistic studies using watercolor, colored pencils and Sharpies. As the week progresses, students use what they have learned as inspiration to make one-of-a-kind handmade kites. Kites are complete with artistic designs inspired by feather patterns and modern kite engineering methods and materials.


The week culminates in a kite-flying celebration and puppet performance celebrating nature, science, art and community! Free and open to the public, come to Rock Bottom Ranch for a picnic and party on Friday, June 14 at 5PM. Registration required.


Heather Morrow has worked flying, performing, designing and building kites for over 30 years by working in kite shops, competitive kite flying, and performing at Disney World flying kites off the back of speedboats in spectacular water and pyrotechnic shows. A lifelong dancer, she became a master indoor kite flyer and tours worldwide with Heather Henson’s environmental outreach puppetry company, Ibex Puppetry, as a performance artist sharing the Whooping Crane’s migration and coming-of-age story as an umbrella species in the struggle to survive in our world of increasing human population infringement upon the habitats of so many fragile ecosystems.

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