Games for the Web with p5.js – P41W21-20

Date: Oct 07 - 09, 2020

Skill Level(s): II to III i

Instructor(s): Everest Pipkin

Price Option(s):
$450 — Reduced Tuition (COVID-19 Artist Relief Offer)
$995 — Full Price Tuition (For those able to pay at this time)

Students may choose to pay the Reduced Tuition or the Full Price Tuition. Additional need-based scholarships available upon request.


This three-day online workshop will introduce principles of game development using p5.js.

We cover the basics of using p5.js and the library to code and create small games, as well as the integration of with html elements and the webpage as a whole. We also discuss histories and potential futures of online games and play, from BBSes and forums to Flash games and experimental, playful websites. Participants can expect to leave this course with the technical knowledge required to make a short interactive project that lives online, as well an understanding of its roots and the knowledge of where to publish and share web-based work.


Everest Pipkin is a drawing and software artist from Bee Caves, Texas, who produces intimate work with large data sets. Through the use of online archives, big data repositories, and other resources for digital information, they aim to reclaim the corporate internet as a space that can be gentle, ecological, and personal.

They hold a BFA from University of Texas at Austin, a MFA from Carnegie Mellon University, and has shown nationally and internationally at The Design Museum of London, The Texas Biennial, The XXI Triennale of Milan, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, among others. They are currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Additional Information: This course is designed for intermediate-level students; incoming participants should have some familiarity with the basics of p5.js or javascript. Learn more about p5.js at

Three -day virtual classes meet from 9-11AM and 1-4PM MST via Zoom Video Conferencing software (download free from

An Anderson Ranch staff member co-teaches the class and coordinates the online platform. Further details will be emailed to registrant.


Image Courtesy of Everest Pipkin

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