Integrating Digital Prototyping across Disciplines – S1315-18

Date: Aug 27 - 31, 2018

Skill Level(s): Open To All i

Instructor(s): Carter Hopkins & Michael Lorsung

Tuition: $875
Studio Fee: $115
Registration Fee: $45


Gain confidence and skills using a myriad of rapid prototyping equipment available at Anderson Ranch.  This includes four PLA extruder based 3D printers, two SLA 3D resin printers, a CNC router, a CNC plasma cutter, laser cutters and engravers, and a 3 axis CNC milling machine.  Using these tools, students work to realize the potential of the technology into their practice. This manifests itself in the form of tool making, troubleshooting design ideas, maquette building, and other ideas generated directly from the class itself.  The focus is on understanding the appropriateness of tools and materials with a design idea and workflow. Whether you are a painter, a photographer, a ceramicist, sculptor, or experienced digital fabricator, this workshop offers a valuable experience that expands the view of what is possible in digital prototyping.


This workshop includes instruction in CAD/CAM workflow, the use of CNC tools (router, mill, laser cutters, 3d printers, and CNC plasma, as appropriate.)  Material possibilities in this course range from paper, plastics, foams, metals, and woods.


The week includes daily lectures, demonstrations, plus daily one-on-one and group discussions.


Carter Hopkins is an educator and artist from Rochester, N.Y. He received his M.F.A. in furniture design from the School for American Crafts – RIT. With a background in fine art as well as woodworking, he utilizes his process of drawing and painting to inspire and create pieces of furniture. Carter is the Fab Lab Coordinator at Anderson Ranch.

Michael Lorsung is a transmedia artist based in Colorado. Michael earned his BFA from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and received his MFA from Ohio University in Athens.  His work investigates the similitude between the value of craft objects, and that of industrially produced goods. Michael is the studio coordinator for sculpture at Anderson Ranch.

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