iPhone for the Documentary Photographer – P1024-19

Date: Aug 05 - 09, 2019

Skill Level(s): II to III i

Instructor(s): Bob Sacha

Tuition: $1,155
Studio Fee: $100
Registration Fee: $45


You hold in your hand one of the most powerful and artistic storytelling tools in history: your smartphone. In this workshop, students have a unique opportunity to utilize and explore the possibilities of storytelling with a smartphone. The workshop emphasizes storytelling over technology, using the smartphone to capture photos, video, audio, notes, sketches and found media for a documentary-style project. Students edit using the phone or computer to create short, visually-focused narratives.


Using an iPhone camera, students experiment with different, mostly free, apps for photos, video, audio recording and even creating text. Editing on the phone and with Adobe Premiere Pro is also covered.


The workshop consists of in-class exercises conducting interviews, gathering ambient sound, capturing great photos and video, the use of hyperlapse and time-lapse techniques and adding text to images. Students also go out into the field to capture a short video and edit it in class.


Bob Sacha is a cinematographer, director, editor, teacher, photographer and, above all, a collaborator on visual journalism projects. He has created video for projects that have won the Pulitzer Prize, a national Emmy award for New Approaches to News and Documentary, a Webby award and also won the first gold medal ever given by the Society for News Design.


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