Layering Content: storytelling through found & created images – JANSTU2019P

Date: Jan 07 - 25, 2019

Skill Level(s): Open To All i

Instructor(s): Holly Roberts

Tuition: $1,800
Studio Fee: $175
Registration Fee: $55

January Housing Accommodations

January Housing Accommodations
Students will stay in The Wyly House dormitory which is a two-story co-ed building located on the Anderson Ranch campus consisting of 16 bedrooms and a common area. There are coin-operated washers and dryers.

Housing Costs

  • (Option A) – $1,275 for the three-week period – Shared room with shared bath
  • (Option B2) – $2,000 for the three-week period – Private room with shared bath
  • (Option B1) – $2,400 for the three-week period – Private room with private bath

*Lodging tax additional. Meals are included with housing. Meals may be purchased separately for students not staying in campus housing.

January Studio Handbook 2019


Tap  into your unconscious by creating works that combine painting and photography. Create unique stories that emerge, form and then solidify over the course of this workshop.  The workshop stresses investigation, exploration, and risk in an attempt to marry disparate media such as paint, text, drawings, photographs, and any other material the student wants to use. By using found materials, as well as personal images (photographs, prints, drawings, etc.), students experiment with a variety of transfer processes, gluing and adhesive techniques, and applications of disparate media to begin to build an image onto their painted surfaces. This class is perfect for the student who is comfortable in the world of painting and drawing but wants to learn to do more with the computer, or, conversely, the student who is familiar with digital photography but wants to have more of a handmade approach to their images.

Media & Techniques:

We experiment with different transfers (inkaid, laser, contact paper, direct rubbing), gluing and adhesive techniques, and using our own source material while beginning to build an image on our painted surfaces. Photographs and photography are an important part of the process, but only one of many components that go into building a successful image. Lastly, we work at improving editing skills and visual literacy.


We participate in demonstrations of digital imaging and collage techniques, acrylic painting and transfer techniques including direct paper and DASS transfers. We cover the use of transparencies in layering of images, gluing techniques, and the use of different materials to apply the digital image to the painted surface. Image presentations showcase artists using these techniques.


Holly Roberts has exhibited nationally and internationally and published three monographs of her work, including Holly Roberts, Holly Roberts: Works 1989-1999 and Holly Roberts: Works 2000-2009.

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