Masked: mysterious portraits in printmaking – K0304-19

Date: Jun 17 - 21, 2019

Skill Level(s): ages 9 - 12 i

Instructor(s): Ami Maes

Tuition: $425
Studio Fee: $20
Registration Fee: $25

Time: 9AM – 3PM


Cultivate your creativity through printmaking! Which insect symbolizes your personality or resonates in your soul? Maybe a delightful dragonfly, buzzing bee, beautiful butterfly, or sideways spider? Take flight with a mysterious portrait that combines humanized imagery with an overlying, symmetrical, stylized insect mask. In this workshop, students discover the world of printmaking focused in detail, texture, pattern, vibrant color and movement. We begin by keying into the proportions of a face with expressive features while also exploring a stylized and symbolic mask to complement. We create by sketching, drawing, transferring, carving using Soft-Kut linoleum blocks, printing and collaging for an on point powerful presentation of portraits in printmaking!


Ami Maes is the Founder and Creative Director of HANDMAKERY: A Children’s Art Studio. Located in beautiful Carbondale, CO the studio focuses on inspiring, expressing and creating art with children. She has instructed workshops at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and throughout the Roaring Fork Valley over the last 20 years. Ami is the recipient of the Mary Ellen Nix Excellence in Art Teaching Award through the Aspen Art Museum.

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