Mixing it Up: finding clarity – JANSTU2017P

Date: Jan 09 - 27, 2017

Skill Level(s): Open to All i

Instructor(s): Holly Roberts

Tuition: $1,800
Studio Fee: $175
Registration Fee: $55

2017 Student Handbook


This class is for two types of artists: the photographer who wants to involve a hand process, or the painter who wants to involve digital media. Both types of artists will be asked to then find, deepen and clarify their creative voices using a combination of media. Students will experiment with paint and collage as vehicles to creative trajectories. By working in layers, with paint as a large component, we incorporate found objects, photographs (both original and appropriated), drawings, text, personal writings and organic matter: anything that can be adhered to the surface of a panel or paper. We master numerous transfer techniques and the process of good adhesion. During this intensive, we are expected to alternate between expressive creativity and strict editing of what we are making.

Media & Techniques:

We use painting procedures using acrylic paint (preparing the surface, painting expressively, and use of color). Our transfer process includes DASS, laser and contact paper. Our digital process includes scanning, printing and working within Photoshop. The combination of these techniques will allow the student to build upon the understanding of their image making.


Most of our time is spent painting, disassembling and reassembling materials; learning and using different transfer processes and some use of the computer and printer. We attend artist demonstrations and lectures. Plan for several field trips to find source materials to hardware and thrift stores. We focus mainly on helping each student find their materials and a way of working that best suits them.


Holly Roberts’ work combines photography and paint to construct photo collages. She creates psychologically expressionistic images that are figurative. Holly has exhibited both nationally and internationally. She has published three monographs of her work, including Holly Roberts, Holly Roberts: Works 1989-1999 and Holly Roberts: Works 2000-2009. She has received numerous awards, including two National Endowment for the Arts awards. Holly lives and works in New Mexico.

Holly Roberts, Couple Dancing (detail)

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