The Perfect Surface: laying the foundation for collage – P1642-17

Date: Sep 18 - 22, 2017

Skill Level(s): Open to All i

Instructor(s): Holly Roberts

Tuition: $1,145
Studio Fee: $150
Registration Fee: $45


The focus of this workshop will be two-pronged:  1) to learn different ways of painting to prepare panels for the addition of collage materials using water-based media; and 2) to learn and perfect different ways of marrying photographic/collage images to the painted surface.  Students will learn four basic ways of painting:  painting expressionistically, to use washes, creating  hard-edge paintings, and learning to work subtractively with the paint.   Collage techniques will include laser and HP transfers, transparent film transfer, rub offs and direct gluing.  We will have the computer lab available to use and students will be able to work on and process their source material in Adobe Photoshop.  However, this will very much be a hands-on (and messy) workshop. Students will be encouraged to bring their own source material to use in building their collages.  There will be daily demonstrations, and students whose Photoshop skills are tenuous will be able to get individualized help.

Media & Techniques:

We start the workshop by learning different painting processes using water-based media.  Each day we learn a different technique, and along with that technique, we learn different ways of applying our photographic media by using different transfer processes as well as the correct way to adhere different materials to our surfaces.  Our transfers include inkjet transparencies, paper transfers, contact paper, and direct rubbing. Using our own source material we begin to build images on our painted surfaces. Photographs and photography are an important part of the process, but depend completely on the foundation of the prepared surface. The painting is the guide for the image to follow.  Lastly, we work at improving editing skills and visual literacy. We encourage you to bring and use your own photographs, or use photos taken during the workshop.



Demonstrations of different ways of applying water based media (painting) are on-going, as well as the different transfer techniques(including direct paper and inkjet transparency transfers) and direct gluing applications.  Students paint on a daily basis, then use those painted surfaces to determine what photographic/collaged images will work best. Students can alter their photographs in Adobe Photoshop, and input images through either digital capture or scanning of an image. Computer assistance is available if needed.  Image presentations showcase artists using these techniques.


Holly Roberts has exhibited nationally and internationally and published three monographs of her work, including Holly RobertsHolly Roberts: Works 1989-1999, and Holly Roberts: Works 2000-2009. She teaches workshops nationally.

Holly Roberts,Horse Standing(with Yellow and Blue)

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