Personal Vision – P0409-20

Date: Jun 22 - 26, 2020

Skill Level(s): III to IV i

Instructor(s): Lisa Kereszi & Benjamin Donaldson

Tuition: $1,195
Studio Fee: $100
Registration Fee: $45


Access and hone your personal voice through intense self-reflection, discussion and exploration in a workshop that helps to define one’s artistic vision. The course investigates influence and inspiration, studying contemporary and historical artists working in photography, in particular what makes their work unique. Students look to themselves and their work: reflecting on personal experiences and insights, fine-tuning photographic skills, and exploring the surrounding spaces and landscapes. Outside of group discussions and intensive critiques of completed and/or current projects, students also meet one-on-one with each instructor.


Digital photography, digital workflow with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, digital printmaking techniques


Lisa Kereszi is a lecturer, Senior Critic and Director of Undergraduate Studies in photography at Yale University. Lisa is represented by Yancey Richardson Gallery.

Benjamin Donaldson is a Senior Critic and the Coordinator of the MFA Photography Department at Yale University.


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