Pottery: a storied canvas – C0305-18

Date: Jun 18 - 29, 2018

Skill Level(s): Open to All i

Instructor(s): Sue Tirrell

Tuition: $1,195
Studio Fee: $175
Registration Fee: $45


Bring your favorite narrative to life in the form of your ceramic work when you explore the connection between form and surface by drawing, painting and carving on leather-hard porcelain. This immersive workshop engages your artistic passion in new and different ways. Bring your favorite narrative source materials including drawings, photographs, illustrations and ephemera to create a personal library of imagery. Participants are guided in the process of distilling these ideas into dynamic, colorful surface design, giving individual stories universal appeal.


We work with cone 6 porcelain, underglazes and glaze. Participants are encouraged to make a variety of small- to medium-sized hand built or wheel-thrown vessel forms to be decorated in the leather-hard state using sgraffito, mishima, slip trailing and painting techniques. Finished pieces are fired in oxidation. Participants should be comfortable hand building and/or throwing basic pottery forms such as plates, cups and bowls.


Our days are spent drawing, constructing, designing and decorating a variety of vessel forms ingrained with each individual’s personal arsenal of imagery. Each day includes morning and afternoon demonstrations, slide talks, group discussions, one-on-one consultations and ample time for working.


Sue Tirrell is a studio artist living in Pray, Mont. She has logged hundreds of hours teaching ceramics and multimedia workshops in community centers, college classrooms, convalescent homes and one-room schoolhouses. Sue’s work draws on the role animals — real and imagined — play in our lives.


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