Sculpture: clay, wood & steel – C1015-19

Date: Aug 05 - 16, 2019

Skill Level(s): I to II i

Instructor(s): Trey Hill

Tuition: $1,195
Studio Fee: $195
Registration Fee: $45


Explore new materials and approaches to working with clay. Learn to combine different materials to create successful ceramic and mixed-media sculptures. Discover how adding different materials such as steel, wood, and found objects to your work adds layers of information and complexity. This dynamic studio environment gives you access to new materials and new ways of thinking.


Students build ceramic objects using selected imagery and work to incorporate other built and found objects. Review different building techniques including large-scale coil, slab and solid construction. Demonstrations include multiple ways of hand building, introductory woodworking, metalworking and surface treatments for ceramic sculpture.


The first week of the workshop takes place in the ceramics studio and moves to the sculpture studio during the second week. Demonstrations, lectures, group discussions and one-on-one mentorship occur. Each new technique and materials demonstration demystifies the material and process with an emphasis on safety and experimentation.


Trey Hill is a professional sculptor and Associate Professor at the University of Montana where he teaches both ceramics and sculpture. He received his BFA from Bowling Green State University and his MFA from San Jose State University. His work has been shown in galleries and museums nationally and internationally. Trey has participated in numerous national and international artist residencies.

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