Seeking for Curves: bending wood – W0708-19

Date: Jul 15 - 19, 2019

Skill Level(s): open to all i

Instructor(s): Yuri Kobayashi

Tuition: $975
Studio Fee: $150
Registration Fee: $45


Transform a straight line to a curved line, focusing on bending techniques to explore creativity and expand design potential. Students experiment directly with the material to stimulate and lead ideas. Workshop participants steam or cold-bend wood to achieve unique organic lines and forms; the possibilities are infinite. The result may not be a finished object. Instead, there will be a collection of pieces for future projects that may be a home accessory, a component for furniture or pure sculpture. A goal of this workshop is to learn basic bending techniques and how to play with them.

Media & Techniques:

Students use primary bending techniques and work with small-dimensioned wood, pressurized wood and Ash splint. They explore how bending and twisting form curved lines. Form and mold-making and drying methods will also be introduced.


The spirit of the workshop is “to play with the material.” Throughout the workshop, lectures and demonstrations take place and plenty of hands-on work time is provided to participants.


Born and trained in woodworking in Japan, Yuri Kobayashi is a sculptor and furniture maker whose work demonstrates a crossing over the field of craft, art and design. While maintaining her studio practice, Yuri serves as a part-time faculty member in the Department of Furniture Design at Rhode Island School of Design.

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