Teen Mixed Media – P0716-19

Date: Jul 15 - 19, 2019

Skill Level(s): Ages 13 - 17 i

Instructor(s): Yana Payusova

Tuition: $575
Studio Fee: $75
Registration Fee: $25

Time: 9AM – 3PM


Learn how to combine images and words into hybrid works of art that provoke the viewer and tell a story. Students explore various collage techniques and mixed-media approaches. These could include direct overlays (such as affixing photographic imagery to canvas and painting over it), or inscribing words and/or images across the surface of paintings, drawings, or sculpture.

Media & Techniques:

Students explore cut-and-paste photographic collage, digital collage, graffiti stenciling, growing and scanning bacteria, drawing and painting with ink and watercolors directly on photographic imagery. Students have ample studio time, and engage in in-process critiques as well as image presentations.


Demonstrations are followed by hands-on experimentation. Each day includes group discussions, digital and painting demonstrations, exercises, one-on-one help and plenty of time to create in the studio.


Yana Payusova was born in Leningrad, USSR. Classically trained as a painter at the St. Petersburg Fine Art Lycee, she later immigrated to the United States. She received an MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Yana’s paintings and sculptures blend the styles and symbols of folk art, Russian icons, graphic poster art, illustration and comics, and reflect her cultural heritage and her training in traditional Russian realist painting. Yana exhibits both nationally and internationally. She currently teaches at the University of Arizona.

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