The Fabric of Fabrication – S0807-19

Date: Jul 22 - 26, 2019

Skill Level(s): open to all i

Instructor(s): Duane McDiarmid

Tuition: $1,075
Studio Fee: $150
Registration Fee: $45


Sewn materials are among the most primary among humans; all manner of objects have been made from these materials and methods since the earliest ages of human making. In this workshop, planier construction techniques are explored through the use of fabric as a means to create sculptural form. Fabric constructions are light, durable and suited to diverse environments and presentation sites and methodologies.

Media & Techniques:

Canvas, paper, leather, rawhide and “finish” fabrics are introduced. Students work from ideation through pattern-making and move on to final fabrication via hand stitching and lacing, sewing machine operation or knotting. Techniques used in the workshop are transferable to metal, wood, plastics, stained glass and other materials.


An evolution of hands-on making activities is the primary activity each day. Each student works through a series of steps including discussion of goals, visualization of form, prototype and pattern-making. There are also technique exercises and creative production. Instruction will be individualized within a group skill-sharing community dynamic.


Duane McDiarmid chairs Sculpture & Expanded Practice at Ohio University where he has received numerous teaching awards. His work has been supported by The National Endowment for the Arts, Rockefeller Foundation, Delaware Center Contemporary Art, Santa Fe Art Institute, Carnegie Mellon Gallery, and the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service.

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