The Landscape in Watercolor for Beginners – D1328-18

Date: Aug 27 - 31, 2018

Skill Level(s): I i

Instructor(s): Mae Shore

Tuition: $1,090
Studio Fee: $75
Registration Fee: $45


Explore painting the landscape with the immediacy and luminosity of watercolor. This fun workshop for beginners incorporates a series of exercises in the basics of watercolor focusing on the landscape both in the studio and outside. Using a portable block of watercolor paper, pan of watercolors, water-soluble crayons and a few brushes, we investigate the foundations of the technique by working directly from nature and painting from photographs. Emphasis is on developing the skill to control the soluble paints, using wet and dry techniques, and learning how to work from light to dark to create the delicate tones unique to watercolor.

Media & Techniques:

Students learn to use a portable watercolor block of paper, Caran d’Ache water-soluble crayons for drawing, pan watercolors and watercolor brushes to create their images. We explore wet-in-wet techniques as well as dry brush mark making. We also explore color mixing and producing tonal qualities.


Demonstrations in color mixing using both transparent and opaque watercolors, watercolor crayons and brush techniques are followed by assisted self-directed sessions. We discuss method and content daily as we start on smaller studies and work up to larger pieces of paper. Emphasis is on experimentation with watercolor while looking at the landscape.


Mae Shore is a painter/printmaker and the director of Cheymore Gallery | Shore Publishing. Her post-baccalaureate degree in printmaking is from MICA. Mae has a twenty-year career as a master printer and has shown her paintings and prints in numerous curated New York City shows.,

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