The Maloof Experience: beyond the bench – W0507-20

Date: Jun 29 - Jul 10, 2020

Skill Level(s): II to IV i

Instructor(s): Larry White

Tuition: $1,095
Studio Fee: $175
Registration Fee: $45


Foster your wood-working skills and stimulate new ideas looking through the lens of Sam Maloof’s iconic career. This workshop explores the subtle evolution of Maloof’s designs paying particular attention to wood selection, form, function and edge detail. Students are guided through the design and construction process of creating a small bench, applying the Maloof aesthetic to their own designs. The finer points of woodworking covered are layout, joinery, shaping and finishing. This workshop culminates in a finished product and a deeper appreciation of Sam Maloof’s contribution to the woodworking communities.


Solid wood, plywood, drafting, joinery, hand tools, power tools, finishes


Larry White’s art career spans nearly 55 years. Although primarily known as a skilled craftsman working with Sam Maloof and the Maloof Foundation, he is also renowned as a versatile artist working and exhibiting in other disciplines, including ceramic sculpture, mixed media, drawing and painting. Larry has taught in the art department of two California universities.


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