Trash to Treasure – K0711-18

Date: Jul 16 - 20, 2018

Skill Level(s): Ages 6-8 | 9am-3pm i

Instructor(s): Traci Wilson

Tuition: $425
Studio Fee: $20
Registration Fee: $25


Expand your mind and reinvent everyday objects or items that have been thrown away into new and beautiful artistic creations. In this evocative workshop, we consider how to upcycle materials and integrate them into our art making process, bringing awareness to our environment and waste. We find inspiration in plastic bottle caps, plastic silverware, old magazines and newspapers, egg cartons and even larger objects such as old window frames and tiles. The sky’s the limit for our imaginations as we reinvent these disregarded items into functional and decorative pieces. We make a bouquet of flowers sculpted from plastic spoons, painted landscapes on glass windows, magazine bowls and more. Come join in on the fun and rethink what art can be!


Traci Wilson is an art teacher at Glenwood Springs Middle School. She is originally from the Roaring Fork Valley. Her background includes anthropology and studio art. Traci’s continued dedication to research and the promotion of art education led her to become an art educator.

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