Travel & Outdoor Photography – P1025

Date: Aug 08 - 12, 2016

Skill Level(s): II-III i

Instructor(s): Nevada Wier

Tuition: $1,200
Studio Fee: $100
Registration Fee: $45


Expand your photographic prowess and cater to your adventurous side in this workshop that aims to elevate your work above the status quo of travel and outdoor photography. We examine the combination of technical expertise, cultural competence, intuitive awareness, curiosity and personal spirit required to be a successful travel and/or outdoor photographer—always with adaptability in mind. The beautiful Aspen area and nearby towns provide the ideal environment for our work. Embark on field trips and explore a broad spectrum of natural environments, dramatic locations and sensational backdrops.

Media & Techniques:

Students work with digital SLR cameras. We use Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Bridge and Photoshop to edit, process and print images.


We engage in a lively blend of lectures, discussions and outdoor assignments, and talk about the challenges of travel and outdoor photography. We consider equipment and digital concerns in different travel and outdoor environments, ways to approach and photograph people, sensitivity to cross-cultural issues in foreign countries, tips—both theoretical and practical—on using natural light and fill-flash, and understanding color. The week includes group and individual discussions, personal assignments and great fun in the field.


Nevada Wier is a multiple award-winning photographer specializing in documenting the remote corners and cultures of the world. She is published in numerous national and international publications, and Getty, Corbis and National Geographic Images represent her stock photography. Her fine art prints are featured in numerous public and private collections. Nevada is a Fellow of The Explorer’s Club and a member of the Women’s Geographic Society.

Nevada Wier, Thailand

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