V6 Wood/Soda Kiln: rebuilding the legacy – C0101-18

Date: Jun 04 - 15, 2018

Skill Level(s): open to all i

Instructor(s): Doug Casebeer

Tuition: $1,195
Studio Fee: $175
Registration Fee: $45


Explore one of the fundamentals of ceramics, the V6 kiln, and then build the next generation of this kiln, the V8. During this two-week workshop, we develop the skill set necessary to construct a multiple fuel kiln. We discuss issues of design, fabrication and ring of wood and gas kilns. Participants gain a thorough understanding of kiln ring processes and atmospheric dynamics. Apply your ceramic skills by designing, building and making pots, and then fire a new kiln.


Students learn to cut, stack and build a brick kiln. We use stoneware clays, glazes and slips. The new V8 kiln is built from hard and soft bricks with a steel frame. Students can use throwing or hand building methods to make pottery to fire in the kiln.


We start the day with morning pottery demonstrations and then move on to afternoon kiln building sessions. There are lectures and discussions on kiln design and construction. Students partake in one-on-one instruction and enjoy plenty of time for personal practice and studio time.


Doug Casebeer has been making pots and building kilns for over 40 years. His expertise has helped potters and art centers in several countries, from Jamaica to Nepal to Chile, and across the Unites States. He received his M.F.A. from Alfred University followed by three years working for the United Nations in Jamaica. Doug exhibits, lectures and teaches around the world.   www.dougcasebeer.com

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