Watermedia Monotype – R0505-19

Date: Jul 01 - 05, 2019

Skill Level(s): I i

Instructor(s): Brian Shure

Tuition: $985
Studio Fee: $100
Registration Fee: $45


Develop your printing and water-media painting skills in this exciting and experimental monotype workshop. Create prints using watercolor, developing images through a series of states to gain a deeper understanding of color and compositional strategies. This simple yet stunning process allows students to print crisp watercolors with brilliant highlights. The immediacy of the finished print belies the free experimentation and repeated addition, subtraction and radical changes made in developing a painting on a nonabsorbent surface and then transferring it to paper. Each remaining ghost image can then be reworked in a new direction and printed again.


Students apply transparent watercolor and gouache with brushes, rollers, sponges, sprayers and textured cloths on translucent, frosted polyester film, transferred to paper. Nonabsorbent surfaces allow for repeated modification and reworking. Each print leaves a ghost that can be reworked to encourage the development of an idea through a series of proofs.


Daily demonstrations cover paper qualities, proper paper and press preparation for printing, paint qualities and handling emphasizing unorthodox techniques unique to nonabsorbent surfaces, and flattening finished prints. There are daily presentations and individual and group critiques.


Brian Shure is represented by Planthouse Gallery in New York. He has taught at the Rhode Island School of Design, Brown and Cornell. Brian is also a Master Printer, Director of Anderson Ranch Editions and Chair of the Ranch Gallery Program.


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