Anderson Ranch Editions:
Simon Haas

May 13, 2016

Posted In: 50 Years, Anderson Ranch General

Tags: Anderson Ranch, Artists-in-Residence, Aspen, Ceramics, painting, Printmaking, Residency, Sculpture, Snowmass Village, Woodworking

Over the past couple of weeks, our printmaking studio team has been hard at work producing some very unique prints that will be added to the Anderson Ranch Editions collection.

“When considering a print edition to celebrate Anderson Ranch’s 50th anniversary, I approached Simon Haas. His drawings are energetic, celebratory, and the specific drawing he gave me almost looks like the rings of a tree. This seemed very fitting to me for the celebration of an arts organization with a rich past and an exciting future, an organization that is constantly growing and changing. We started with a beautiful and colorful drawing of Simon’s, and I hand-cut stencils directly from it to create the three screens that would make up this three-colored, psychedelic print (but when you stare at it, you’ll see more colors!). The energy embodied in this print radiates and jumps off the paper with the same kind of vigor that is taking place at the Ranch in its 50th year. It is a limited edition print created in our very own Patton Print Shop with an obvious number to coincide with where the Ranch is today: 50!”

Artistic Director of Painting & Drawing and Printmaking, Liz Ferrill

Check out the process below!

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