Visiting Artists at Anderson Ranch

Presented by Toby Devan Lewis

The Visiting Artists Program is a core component of the Anderson Ranch experience, bringing artists of all disciplines to our campus. The program is an opportunity that affords artists the time and space to complete projects within their area of expertise and to explore new work. Visiting artists engage with the creative energy of our students through studio visits and critiques, and contribute to the Ranch community with lectures. The program provides a mutually beneficial relationship infused by a direct and meaningful exchange between our community, residents and the public.

The program began in 1980 with a series of collaborative projects in the print shop. Artists such as Red Grooms, Laurie Anderson, Roberto Juarez, John Buck, Ed Ruscha and many others were invited to work in the print shop with the technical support of Anderson Ranch staff.

Over the years, the program expanded to include special artist projects in all the major disciplines supported at the Ranch including painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, furniture making and design, digital media, performance, installation and a wide range of interdisciplinary projects.

Upcoming 2020 Visiting Artists:

Rogan Gregory | March 22-April 4

Luzene Hill | May 31 – June 6

Ken Gonzales-Day | June 7-13

Julia Galloway | July 4-11

David Ellsworth | July 7-13

Takashi Nakazato | August 3-September 15

John Clement | September 20-October 3

Past Visiting Artists

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National Council Sponsors
Mary and Adam Cherry
Rona and Jeffrey Citrin
Jane and Bob Clark
Eleanore and Domenico De Sole
Marilyn and Larry Fields
Barbara Fosco and David Missner
Pamela Joseph and Robert Brinker
Barbara Fosco and David Missner
Sharon and John Hoffman
Cynthia Hostetler and Nicholas Ulanov
Soledad and Robert J. Hurst
Pamela Joseph and Robert Brinker
Ann and Tom Korologos
Dr. and Mrs. Magoon
Nedra and Mark Oren
Allen and Kelli Questrom
Sara Ransford
Katie and Amnon Rodan
Dorothy Wildman and Albert Sanford

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