Bespoke Studio Experiences

Connect With Your Inner Artist

Our bespoke studio experiences are the perfect opportunity for small groups to come together in our unique studio spaces and learn something new together. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process of creating your own artwork using a variety of mediums such as paint, clay, wood and mixed media materials. You’ll have the chance to experiment and explore your creative side in a relaxed and supportive environment, all while learning new techniques and skills. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, our curated art-making experiences are the perfect way to discover your creativity and have fun doing it.

  • For children and adults
  • Available for full or half-days
  • Up to 10 participants in a group

Please contact our Vice President of Artistic Affairs Andrea Jenkins Wallace at or call 970-924-5044 to learn more. 

Example Bespoke Studio Experiences

Majolica Magic

Ceramics Studio

Students learn the historically rich and colorful technique of majolica glazing, a process where colorful imagery is painted over white glaze ware. This wonderful ceramic technique is similar to watercolor painting on paper and allows participants to treat the surface of the pieces as a canvas. Each participant can paint up to 4 ice cream bowls.

Pronto Plate Printing

Printmaking Studio

Experiment with the pronto plate process and create multiples of your own unique print in a couple of hours. This easy and accessible method has evolved out of the much more involved and traditional lithography process and elicits similar results. Play with mark-making, linework, textures and color in this fun and exploratory workshop.


Photography Studio

The Cyanotype is a 19th-century process using a light-sensitive emulsion, coated on paper and exposed in the sun or a UV light box. This unique experience guides participants to better understand the photographic process and create a one-of-a-kind blueprint. As an option, participants may use found objects or bring images/negatives to scan and create digital negatives for exposure.

Spoon Carving

Woodworking Studio

Learn the basics of spoon carving in this fun introductory workshop. Participants learn how to cut the rough shape of a spoon on the bandsaw, and work by hand to carve creations with the assistance of the woodshop staff. Everyone walks away with a spoon and some hands-on experience with wood.

3D Printed Portraits

Digital Fabrication Studio

3-D scanning is a fun and accessible entry into Digital Fabrication. Participants learn how to use a 3D scanner and work together to scan each other. The studio support staff then demonstrate how to process the scans and set them up for the 3D printer. While 3D prints take a few hours to complete, participants ultimately walk away with their bust or figurine printed in plastic.

Design Your Experience

Made For You

Let’s work together to design a studio experience that is custom-made for you and your group’s needs. With dynamic studio spaces, a full-service cafe, and meeting rooms of all different sizes, the Ranch is the perfect place for your unique gathering.

To start planning your Bespoke Studio Experience, please contact our Vice President of Artistic Affairs Andrea Jenkins Wallace at or call 970-924-5044.

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