Art Talks #2: Children’s 3D Printing Workshop with Elazar Abraham

July 12, 2018

Posted In: Blog, Childrens Programs, CNC Router and Digital Fabrication

Tags: 3D, 3D Printing, Anderson Ranch, Aspen, Children's Workshops, Digital Fabrication, digital media, Summer 2018

The second episode of Art Talks features faculty Elazar Abraham speaking about his experiences teaching children’s 3D printing here at Anderson Ranch. Art Talks, is our new audio series ffeaturing artists, faculty, staff and the ranch community.

Elazar Abraham is a maker focused on community building and musical pursuits. His current project is being one of the founding members of HATCH Workshop in Stockton, California. HATCH Workshop offers training and education in fine crafts and design for students and the Stockton community while providing affordable housing, workspaces and shop access for emerging artists and makers. HATCH aims to stimulate and inspire the city of Stockton by fostering a connection to the arts, social entrepreneurship, and local commerce out of their 35,000 square foot center.


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