Anderson Ranch Editions

For decades, top contemporary artists have visited Anderson Ranch Arts Center and produced quality artwork here in the Patton Print Shop. The Anderson Ranch Editions are a collection of these prints.

Since 1978, the Anderson Ranch Editions publication program has invited emerging and established artists alike to work on projects in the Patton Print Shop with our Master Printer across a variety of processes. Throughout the years, the Editions program has been directed by a number of artists and Master Printers including Bud Shark, Catherine Chauvin, Craig O’Brien, David Mohallatee, Hiroki Morinoue, Jonathan Singer, Liz Ferrill, Matthew Christie, Maurice Sanchez, Melinda Beeman, Rob Brinker and Timothy Berry.

In the Patton Print Shop, artists have the opportunity to experiment with their ideas in new ways and explore print media that they may have little or no experience with. Printmaking has always incorporated cutting-edge technology with traditional skills, and the Ranch encourages artists to combine traditional print processes with the newest digital technology. The supported experimentation possible in our productive and inspiring environment helps artists to grow and connect, and expands horizons for the Anderson Ranch community. The resulting prints made available for purchase provide ongoing support for all Ranch programming.

Some notable artists who have worked on the Ranch campus creating editions are Andrianna Campbell, Carol Anthony, Clare Rojas, Eric Fischl, John Buck, Judy Dater, Kenny Scharf, Robert Kushner, Shara Hughes, Simon Haas, Simonette Quamina, Sylvia Plimack Mangold and Tom Sachs.

If you have questions about the Anderson Ranch Editions program, or would like help with a purchase, please contact Meriwether McClorey, Artistic Programs Manager at or call 970/924-5098.

Master Printer, Brian Shure, with a limited edition Simon Haas print in 2020.

Master Printer, Brian Shure, with a limited edition Simon Haas print in 2020.

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