Anderson Ranch Editions

For decades, top contemporary artists have visited Anderson Ranch Arts Center and produced quality artwork here in the Patton Print Shop. The Anderson Ranch Editions are a collection of these prints made available for purchase exclusively by Anderson Ranch, and proceeds help support programming excellence at the Ranch.

The Anderson Ranch Editions Program began in 1978 with the idea of expanding the Ranch’s visibility by inviting artists to come and create works with Master Printers. Not only has this program been inspiring to artists on campus, but it has allowed the Ranch to grow and make connections that extend beyond Snowmass Village.

With Master Printers from all over the world, Craig O’Brian was the first to head the Editions Program in ‘78. The Ranch has brought in a number of artists since the program began – some exciting collaborations worth noting have been with Ed Ruscha, Eric Fischel, Sylvia Mangold, Kenny Scharf, Steven Westfall, John Buck and Hiroki Morinoue. With approximately 440 prints in our archive, the Editions Program has created a community that is foundational to the expansion of Anderson Ranch.

Notable past Printers include Rob Brinker, Bud Shark, Liz Ferrill, Jonathan Singer and Matt Christie.

There is something for everyone—woodcut, intaglio, lithographs, digital prints and monoprints—and imagery that is representational, abstract, colorful, or simply black and white.

If you have questions about the Anderson Ranch Editions program, or would like help with a purchase, please contact Brian Shure at

Master Printer, Brian Shure, with a limited edition Simon Haas print in 2020.

Master Printer, Brian Shure, with a limited edition Simon Haas print in 2020.