Creating Art from Data – P0925

December 11, 2014

Posted In: Photography and New Media

Wesley Grubbs

DATES: July 27 – 31, 2015


CONCEPT: Join data visualization artist Wesley Grubbs in this workshop introducing the world of data visualization and using statistics and data to make art. The aim of the workshop is to be hands on and highly approachable, including our environment and ourselves as sources of the data we will use.

MEDIA & TECHNIQUES: Students use a variety of data collection tools that range from Arduino boards with sensors, smartphone apps, our natural surroundings and our own human actions. With data collected, we use Processing and D3 to analyze, communicate and visualize the data, mostly for creative purposes. Students provide their own laptops. Arduinos are provided for the workshop.

ACTIVITIES: We focus on the basics of understanding statistics for art. We use natural resources around the Ranch and find relationships and patterns that we use to sort. From here, we move to easy-to-use data tracking tools and then discuss the data and how to work with it. We build an automated sensor with the Arduino and spend the remaining time visualizing and playing with the data to make art.

FACULTY: Wesley Grubbs is an artist, data visualizer and provocateur. In 2007, he founded Pitch Interactive, an Oakland, CA-based studio whose focus is weaving code with design with statistics to find versatile solutions to communicate complex. Wesley’s work focuses on revealing patterns about human behavior and how our actions impact our surroundings and has been showcased in the MoMA, Foosner Art Museum, La Panacée and The Max Planck Institute.

Tuition: $975 OR Tuition + Studio Support Donation: $1175
Studio Fee: $100

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