Featured Exhibition: Elizabeth Ferrill at 5x6x9

February 1, 2014

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Painting and Printmaking Studio Coordinator Elizabeth Ferrill is showing at 5x6x9 gallery in Berlin, Germany. The show opened on November 28, 2009 and will be up until the end of January. The show is titled Daily Transit and consists of a selection from a series of 336 daily prints that were made using the pochoir stencil method. The images create a narrative that speaks from the individual’s point of view as she explores issues of mobility within the public sphere.

Thematically, Elizabeth Ferrill’s work revolves around portraying spaces of transit and mobility. She represents the paradoxical moods of spaces such as airports, subways, waiting areas etc. These spaces seem cold and emotionless yet they are filled with stories and personal experiences.

All of these spaces contain an element of surveillance, to keep the movement of masses controlled and somewhat predictable. Her form and color choices are inspired by the function of the space.

The small scale single pieces become grouped and arranged together by the artist in order to create an overall larger image, which paints a truly personal story of travel. Although the theme is an endless one, Ferrill’s series “Daily Transit” ends after 336 days and the equal amount of pieces. Ferrill is not providing the viewer with answers or results, but rather engages with the art of observation.

Click here to visit the gallery online.

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