From Digital to Physical: processing laser-cut patterns – P0717

December 11, 2014

Posted In: Photography and New Media

Joshua Davis

DATES: July 13 – 17, 2015

SKILL LEVEL: III – IV (Basic understanding of processing required.)

CONCEPT: Learn to wield the power of computers in this new frontier of art-making. In our digital age, the computer is capable of extraordinary feats in art-making. My first computer the Commodore 64 was an amazing piece of technology, but what I could do with my hands far outpaced the inferior graphics of the C64. Today with the aid of massive arrays of programming, libraries, frameworks and plain computing power, the computer is capable of surpassing the human hand. How can we use this new frontier in art-making to generate the impossible?

MEDIA & TECHNIQUES: Students practice processing with the HYPE framework /

ACTIVITIES: We learn processing and HYPE to advance basic generative pattern skills, develop working prototypes of interactive designs and animation and create a small project. Joshua presents methods to speed up production and gives hands-on exercises and extensive one-on-one help. With access to the Digital fabrication studio, our final project is output to paper, cardboard or wood laser compositions.

FACULTY: Joshua Davis is a New York-based artist, designer and technologist producing both public and private work for companies, collectors and institutions. He gives lectures, teaches workshops, exhibits work in gallery and museum institutions, and participates in the international design scene.

Tuition: $1145 OR Tuition + Studio Support Donation: $1345
Studio Fee: $100

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